Tiller's Guide to Indian Country - First Edition

Nez Perce Idaho Clearwater River Forest Products Enterprise conducts harvesting, marketing, and replanting of tribally owned timber, GAMING TheNez Perce Tribe is currently exploring the feasibility of gaming facilities on the reservation. GOVERNMENT AS EMP1OYER The tribe employs 227 persons. Among the federally administered programs on the reservation are the Indian Health Service, employing 23 persons; the Nez Perce National Park, employing 22 persons; and the Bureau of Indian Affairsr employing 51 persons. MINING Nez Perce Limestone Enterprise wholesales agricultural limestone and pulp lime to local fertilizer and chemical companies. The tribe currently has a mining plan to improve efficiency at the Mission Creek quarry, a high quality limestone deposit on the reservation. TOURISM AND RECREATION The tribe hopes to expand its involvement in the local tourism and recreation market. Currently the Nez Perce National Park, partially located on tribal land, attracts over 36,000 visitors annually. The tribe is presently developing a brochure which will present tribal stories about rock formations on the Snake, Clearwater, and Columbia rivers to tourists and will serve as a reservation road map for visitors. The tribe also plans to open an RV park, grocery, and motel as part of the Aht’Way Commercial Plaza project. The Nez Perce Reservation lies in the proximity of several outdoor recreational areas including Hell’s Canyon, Clearwater River, Clearwater National Forest, and the Nez Perce National Forest. Five Idaho state parks are also located near the reservation. TRANSPORTATION The Nez Perce Limestone Enterprise utilizes tribally owned trucks and contracted haulers. INFRASTRUCTURE U.S. Highways 12 and 95 run through the reservation. Commercial airlines serve Lewiston Airport, located in Lewiston, Idaho (10 miles east of the reservation), Several truck lines service the area via Lewiston including United Parcel Service, Pony Express, Federal Express, Quick Delivery, Broadway Package Service, and Viking. Camas Prairie, Union Pacific, and Burlington Northern railway services are available in Lewiston. Several freight barge companies operate out of the Port of Lewiston, including Lewiston Tidewater Barge Lines, Brix Maritime, and Gem Chip Trading Company. COMMUNITY FACILITIES Community centers are located in Lapwai and Kamiah. Electricity is provided to the reservation by Washington Water Power and Clearwater Power. Natural gas service is available through Washington Water Power, Groundwater wells provide water to the reservation. The reservation is served by U.S. West Communications and Northwest Communications. The Indian Health Service operates clinics in Lapwai and Kamiah. Health care is also available at St, Joseph’s and Tri-State Hospitals in Lewiston. In addition, there are five public schools, a tribal Head Start program, and the Nez Perce Tribal Employment and Training Department on the reservation. 339