Tiller's Guide to Indian Country - Second Edition

545 Nez Perce Population 2000 census 17,959 Tribal enrollment (Tribal sources) 3,872 Total labor force 2000 census 7,737 High school graduate or higher 2000 census 81.6% Bachelor's degree or higher 2000 census 14% Unemployment rate 2000 census 9.2% Unemployment rate (BIA labor report, 2001) 64% Unemployment rate (Tribal sources) 39% Per capita income (Tribal sources) $21,620 Government as Employer. The Nez Perce Tribe employs a total of 1,145 employees in its tribal government and various enterprises. Of this number, 526 are tribal members, 501 are nontribal and 118 are from other tribes. The tribal government employs 742 persons. Economic Development Projects. The Nez Perce Department of Economic and Community Development Program provides management of economic, community, and transportation planning for the tribe. Some current projects of the department include an annual update of the Comprehensive Economic Strategy (CEDS), development of a tourism plan, and development of funding sources for small business on the reservation. This program also investigates new business development such as industrial parks, natural resource development, added-value businesses, and related private business development. The Aht'way Commercial Plaza is under construction near Lewiston, Idaho. The tribe is also considering a proposal to establish a polyethylene plastics recycling plant on or near the reservation. Agriculture and Livestock. The tribe cultivates 37,639 acres of reservation land; wheat is the major crop. Other crops include barley, dry peas, lentils, canola, bluegrass seed, alfalfa, and hay. The tribe also raises some cattle. The tribe's herd of horses produces an Appaloosa - AkahlTeke cross. The tribe hopes that through the breeding process, it will reestablish its line of horses that dominated the tribal herds prior to American contact in 1806. The Nez Perce horse program is administered by the Nez Perce Tribe. The program teaches tribal youth ages 14 - 21 about horsemanship, management practices, and economic opportunities available in the horse industry. Forestry. The Nez Perce Forest Resource Management Program manages 40,203 acres of tribally owned timberland, harvesting approximately 7,000 MBF annually on a sustainedyield basis. The forest is primarily composed of mixed conifers. The Nez Perce Forest Products Enterprise conducts harvesting, marketing, and replanting of tribally owned timber. Gaming. The Clearwater River Casino is located in Lewiston. It is an 18,000-square-foot facility that features video lottery machines, bingo, and over 400 video terminals. Amenities include a grille, a gift shop, and an adjacent RV park. The It'Se-Ye-Ye Bingo and Casino is located in Kamiah. It offers over 100 video lottery machines and electronic bingo. Combined, the casinos employ approximately 250 individuals. The average net revenue is between $2 and $3 million. The tribe infuses the funds into the general budget, economic development projects, and services for tribal members. The revenue is also used to donate sums to local police and fire services, charitable organizations, and local schools. Although the tribe has encountered some legal issues concerning electronic gaming machines, it is moving forward with plans for expanding the gaming facilities. Fisheries. The tribe's department of fisheries resources management is an extensive program that is responsible for the restoration and recovery of watershed environments and fish populations. It works to ensure that the harvest and conservation actions taken by any tribal or non-tribal entity comply with all tribal laws and regulations. The department currently oversees 17 watershed projects. The tribe manages three tribal fish hatcheries, site management, fish recovery, and restoration plans. Mining. The tribe is currently studying the feasibility of re-opening the Mission Creek Quarry and developing a new mining and basalt plan to improve efficiency at the quarry. Early studies indicate a high quality limestone and basalt deposit on the reservation. Services and Retail. The Nez Perce Express Enterprise includes one full service convenience store. The Express II is a 5,400-square-foot store that offers tobacco products, a full deli, groceries, gift selections, automotive supplies,housewares, and bakery items. The store has recently added petroleum products for tribal programs and the general public. Tourism and Recreation. The tribe hopes to expand its involvement in the local tourism and recreation market. Currently the Nez Perce National Park, partially located on tribal land, attracts over 36,000 visitors annually. The tribe is presently developing a brochure that will present tribal stories about rock formations on the Snake, Clearwater, and Columbia rivers to tourists and will serve as a reservation road map for visitors. The Nez Perce Reservation lies in the proximity of several outdoor recreational areas, including Hell's Canyon, Clearwater River, Clearwater National Forest, and the Nez Perce National Forest. Five Idaho state parks are also located near the reservation. The Aht'wy Plaza RV Park has 33 hookups, 10 dry camps, 15 tent sites, restrooms and shower facilities, a coin-operated laundry, vending machines, a heated pool, and a picnic area. It is located within walking distance of the casino. The tribe participates in the operation of the Nez Perce Cultural Museum at Spalding, Idaho where Nez Perce artisans sell cornhusk weaving, jewelry, and other crafts. INFRASTRUCTURE U.S. Highways 12 and 95 run through the reservation. Electricity. Electricity is provided to the reservation by Washington Water Power and Clearwater Power. Fuel. Natural gas service is available through Washington Water Power. Water Supply. Groundwater wells provide water. Transportation. Commercial airlines serve Lewiston Airport, located in Lewiston. Several truck lines service the area via Lewiston, including United Parcel Service, Pony Express, Federal Express, Quick Delivery, Broadway Package Service, and Viking. Camas Prairie, Union Pacific, and Burlington Northern railway services are available in Lewiston. Several freight barge companies operate out of the Port of Lewiston, including Lewiston Tidewater Barge Lines, Brix Maritime, and Gem Chip Trading Company. Nez Perce Municipal Airport serves Nez Perce and Lewis counties. It is owned by the City of Nez Perce. The paved runway extends for 2,000 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 3,201 feet at a distance of about a mile or less from Nez Perce. Telecommunications. The reservation is served by U.S. West Communications and Northwest Communications. COMMUNITY FACILITIES AND SERVICES The Nez Perce Tribe Teweepuu Community Center and the Wa-a'yas Community Center provide recreation, sports, and educational and cultural activities for tribal members. The Teweepuu Center served as the host to the Governor's Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Trail Committee meeting. The Wa-a'yas Center sponsors the annual Turkey Shootout, Community Christmas Dinner, and ECHDP Powwow. The Pi Nee Waus Community Center serves as the host for the annual Halloween party 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 Total area 108,534.78 acres