Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country - Third Edition

XII have scored over 500. This is in addition to Chama’s traditional open ranch hunts. Complementing the legendary elk, the Lodge and Ranch at Chama Land & Cattle Company also featuresAmerican bison, trophy mule deer, black bear, blue grouse, and the stunningly beautiful Merriam’s turkey. And, as if this weren’t enough, in spring and summer Chama treats their guests to some of the most enticing trout fishing in North America. In addition to numerous pristine high-country lakes with brown, cutthroat, brook, and rainbow trout, the Ranch encompasses miles and miles of crystalline streams, such as Poso Creek and the venerable Brazos River, including nearly five miles of the Brazos’ formative East and West Forks—thus offering absolutely sublime stream fishing in the most spectacular settings imaginable. All of this reflects an unmatched commitment to excellence and stewardship by the Jicarilla Apache Nation. The management and staff of this celebrated lodge and ranch, with their devotion to an uncompromising vision of distinction, quality service, and preeminence, assures that friends and guests enjoy experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime. The results speak for themselves, borne out by an unheard of 89% return rate. Guests come back, year after year, to the Lodge and Ranch at Chama Land & Cattle Company, a place they have come to regard as home, to people they have come to think of as family. The Jicarilla Apache Nation’s he Lodge and Ranch at Chama Land & Cattle Company The Lodge and Ranch at Chama Land & Cattle Company has long been recognized as one of the world’s premier sporting destinations. Located less than two hours north of Santa Fe near the border of Colorado, in northern New Mexico’s soaring San Juan Mountains, the ranch traces its origins back to its inception in 1950 when it was acquired by the Vaughn family of Dallas, Texas. The Vaughns’ stated goal was to establish the perfect hunting ranch, and to that end they were wildly successful. So began the rich history of what has today become the Lodge and Ranch at Chama Land & Cattle Company. In June of 1995 the Jicarilla Apache Nation of Dulce, New Mexico, purchased this sprawling 32,000-acre ranch. Long known for extra ordinary resource management programs and a firm commitment to stewardship of the lands they inhabit, the Jicarilla Apache people were not only committed to continuing the rich traditions of this world-renowned hunting and fishing destination, but to even further enhancing it. The distinctive story of the Jicarilla Apache reaches far back into a noble history rich with integrity, pride, and tradition, while today eagerly pressing forward into a future of extraordinary vision, potential, and continued growth. In 1998 the Jicarilla Apache Nation added the 4,000-acre Mossman Ranch which adjoins the lodge and ranch on its eastern border. Two years later a 16,000 square-foot expansion was added to the already existing lodge that had graced the ranch since 1972, thus completing a 27,000 square-foot architectural masterpiece with massive timbers, two great rooms, 21 luxurious rooms and suites, and an entrance foyer featuring a 36-foot vaulted ceiling and monumental stone fireplaces. The Lodge has since been the recipient of numerous national and international awards, acclaimed as one of the finest, most luxurious hunting and fishing lodges and business retreats on the planet. Here, you will find some of the grandest elk on the face of the earth, along with luxurious accommodations, opulent amenities, comprehensive business facilities, and exquisite landscapes that are simply unrivaled. For decades, the Lodge and Ranch at Chama Land & Cattle Company has been famous for its spectacular elk hunting, for the elk herds that migrate annually across southern Colorado into northern New Mexico, and especially for the privately managed elk herd ranging over 7,000 acres of mountains and canyons on the ranch proper. Chama’s elk management program has long been focused on enabling and encouraging the elk that inhabit this ranch to realize and express their full genetic potential. With methods conceived and designed to introduce a whole new regimen of diverse genetics into the private herds, the goal was to accelerate even further the development of some of the most awe-inspiring bull elk to walk the earth. The results have been astounding. Chama’s hunters have taken nearly three dozen bull elk that have scored over 400 SCI points, two of which