Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country - Third Edition

Since its debut in 1996, Tiller's Guide to Indian Country has been hailed as the pre-eminent resource for professionals working with Native Americans. This newly revised 3rd edition features an unprecedented amount of information about 567 federally recognized Indian tribes and Alaskan Native Villages in 33 states. Compiled by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller, Ph.D, Jicarilla Apache and historian, this comprehensive guide explores each tribe's history and modern-day life, including: Location and Land Status Culture and History Government and Infrastructure Economic Activity Community Services & Facilities Contact Information and Official Tribal Websites Photographs & Maps Bibliography and Index ". Anyone interested in contemporary Native American culture will immediately recognize this mammoth source book as the gold mine it is. Every public library in America should have a copy on its shelves." - Mary Ishimoto Morris, Washington Post Book World (from review of 2nd edition) Tiller's Guide continues to provide rich and valuable information of histories and profile data of the tribes across the nation, including their current economic growth and diversification, land status, government, infrastructure and tourism. Dr. Tiller has methodically and patiently gathered together this information into a single, thorough guide. That's what makes Tiller's Guide indispensable." - W. RonAllen, Chairman/CEO, Jamestown S'Klallam of Washington State "For anyone who wants to understand the state of Indian Country, Tiller's Guide is simply invaluable. Its unmatched factual detail is organized and presented brilliantly, allowing the reader to focus immediately on any individual Native Nation." - Joseph P. Kalt, Co-Director, The Harvard Project onAmerican Indian Economic Development, Harvard University Whenever I'm invited to visit a Native Nation for the first time, soon after my flight is booked, I turn to Tiller's Guide for recent history, an economic overview, and cultural background. The variety and breadth in the Guide is not just a testament to Veronica's hard work in gathering information via on-the-ground site visits, but also to the resurgence of Native self-government. Indian Country's diversity and vibrancy are on display in every page. I try to get the newest edition as soon as I can. - Jonathan Taylor, The Taylor Policy Group, Inc. "Journalists, lawyers, government officials, teachers and business people have all come to know that they need this book if they want to work effectively with Indian communities. Officials have confessed that without this guide, they wouldn't know how to do their jobs. We all owe a vote of thanks to Dr. Tiller for making hundreds of relationships with the tribes possible toAmerican government and business." - Susan Masten, Vice Chair, Yurok Tribe of California